RV Hall of FAME MUSEUM in Elkhart, Indiana


July 9, 2015

Highlights  from the  RV  Hall of Fame Museum  is the  last of 4  postings of my  trip to Elkhart County, Indiana.  Even though I have no long term interests in RV life, I thoroughly enjoyed  this museum.  The units on display  ranged from brand new to  the first of it’s kind from 1913,  from  wonderfully vintage to I-wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-in-that.   It’s all part of the adventure!  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face  are my favorites  for various reasons:


Road Best Traveled to the history of RV’s


Only permanent residents of the RV Museum.


Mae West was given this  1931  Chevrolet   Housecar  by Paramount Studios.

DSCF6134  DSCF6131  DSCF6130

1931 Ford Model AA  Camp Truck with luxury  driver seating and interior.

DSCF6145   DSCF6143

1954 Holiday Rambler


1955 Ranger Fiberglass Pop Up with a side under rear bed.


1937 Hunt Housecar  (resembles a rolly poly bug )


Only 3 made before the Crash of 1929,  this  is a 1928 Pierce Arrow Housecar


1935 Covered Wagon 17 Foot Travel Trailer  with a  leatherette exterior and a canvas covered roof.


Can’t miss this coming down the road – 1974  GMC  Motor Home

DSCF6173   inside mobile home

1954  Spartan Mobile Home – 8 feet wide and 48 feet long


Ugly award has to go to this 1988 Star  Streak II

DSCF6123   DSCF6192

Just a couple random interiors for a step back in time.

john culp

Lastly, this Westwood Coronado was bought in 1947 ( for $3200.)  by John Culp after he came home from WWII.   He used it for 65 years traveling the USA,  living in it full time ( from 1947 until 1957 when he married)  or part time as a snow bird.  John was a charter member of the “Tin Can Tourist ” vintage trailer club.  His trailer  was in several TV documentaries about  vintage trailer life.

Hope you enjoyed  your condensed  trip to the RV Hall of Fame Museum!

Thanks for reading!

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