ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH in Gdansk, Poland


St. Nicholas Church, 1348

May 15, 2015

While meandering  the side streets of Gdansk, I stumbled upon St. Nicholas Church.   Walking inside, I was surprised to see  so many alters and particularly  how they were lined up all in a row,  5 on each side of the outside  of the pews.

Interestingly,  when Gdansk was bombed   during WWII,  nearly 90 percent of the city was destroyed and all of the churches in the city  were reduced to a pile of rubble.   But St. Nicholas was the only church in the city  to escape any damage.



the church organ


Statues were everywhere in this church – even in the light fixtures.


Interesting wall hanging – looks to me like there are more heads than bodies.


Another fancy confessional.

main alter

The main alter.

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