A WINDMILL AND A PADDLEWHEEL – Parting Shots from Holland, MI

May 6, 2018

While in Holland, MI, it is required you see at least one windmill.  This  one is called ,  De Zwaan, meaning swan or graceful bird in Dutch, and it  is the only authentic, working Dutch windmill in the United States.   It was built in 1761 and is  the last windmill to leave the Netherlands.  Home now is Windmill Island Gardens in Holland, Michigan.   The windmill  went from Vinkel in the province of Noord Brabant (Netherlands)  in 1964 by boat into the Muskegon Harbor ( Michigan)  and then by truck into Holland.   In preparation for the arrival,  three floors of brick  had to be laid so  the windmill could be raised high enough to collect the amount of wind needed.   It was heavily damaged ( including  bullet holes from WWII )  when  purchased and the price was  $2800.   It  took 6 months to  reconstruct it at the Gardens.

Big Red Lighthouse  is located in  Holland State Park  and sits at the channel of Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa.   It was built in 1907 and the light can be seen for 20 miles.

The Star of Saugatauk was an enjoyable 90 minute  ride down the Kalamazoo River out  to the edge of Lake Michigan.  It was a  relaxing ride   listening to the sound of the paddlewheel and seeing the lake side homes and the dunes.

This home in particular  was my favorite.  There is an underground  tunnel built between the structures.

These 3 additional  sights fascinated  me……..

Gotta love the colors!

An interesting octagon-shaped house – I would have  loved to  see the inside and how they placed the furniture!  : )

Lastly – the home of a true “birder”.   : )

Hope you enjoyed and remember as you travel through life …..

“Don’t forget that maybe that you are the lighthouse in someone’s storm”   (unknown)

Thanks for reading!





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