Nice , France

Friday, October 2, 2009


Well….. today was a beautiful, sunny day on the French Rivera. OMG, its incredible !! I’m really here , alll my planning paid off and everything went smooth as silk.


The 12 hours or so filled with hundreds of strangers in airports and jets were interesting as always . You can always bet there will be a few who surprise you with their lack of social graces but on the flip side, there was also the nice kid who jumped up to help me get my bag into the stow away compartment and the very elderly couple who sat beside me that held hands the whole flight. They restored any slip of faith I had in the human race.

But back to Nice, France……….palm trees, perfect weather, beautiful blue water, lots of people enjoying the beach and the water- some with more clothes then others….. and one beautiful building and outside cafe after another. Then, the Old Town section of Nice is like stepping back where time has stood still. Narrow streets and old tattered buildings with laundry hanging out the windows – like an old movie. It was wonderful to walk all over.

My hotel is great too- the lady who runs it is a hoot. She has 2 pet turtles that run loose sometimes and they love people. Wh en they see you, they come as fast as they can to you and stand at your feet. True! Maybe they want to be petted? Is that a turtle trait? I did pet the one and he didn’t even hide in his shell – guess he liked it. : ) And the lady/owner saw we reading the map in their common room and she comes in waving her arms saying “Don’t look at the maps! You miss too much that way – just go out and walk – if you get lost, you get lost!!” I also have a balcony and the doors are wide open – its great!


Well, I’m starting too ramble – jetlag is settling in big time .


Think they are trying to tell us something??


 Russian Church in Nice


Beautiful Cemetary in Old Town Nice


 Hotel Wilson Pet Turtles


No Seashells in the French Riveria


Church Door decoration for a Wedding in Old Town Nice.


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