Monte Carlo

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Monaco was the  day trip destination of today – the Palace of a Prince, a harbor full of more big yachts that you can ever imagine and people who drive like its the Grand Prix everyday. The 40 minute bus ride along the narrow, curvy coastal road to get there was enough to make me a believer in God, if I wasn’t already. And, once again, it all sits on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea -the deep blue water is absolutely breath taking as the sun glistens across it. 
Along, with all the wonderful sights, – many of my travelings lessons are coming back to me – validate your bus ticket – EVEN IF the bus driver JUST sold it to you, don’t walk on bike paths, the Yorkies in Europe all come with real tails and if your hotel internet is free, that probably means it won’t work very well or …often…… and you can always count on McDonalds to have a restroom.

Tonight was one last walk around Nice as tomorrow morn, I’m off to Geneva…….


These “smaller” yachts are kept in a secondary harbor.


This yacht is bigger than my house!


Even the dogs travel in style!


Prince Albert’s Palace


The young up and coming in Monte Carlo!


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