Geneva, Switzerland

Sunday Oct 4, 2011


Today was travel day to Geneva, Switzerland by train. Train travel, so relaxing, and this train especially ran along the Mediterrean just in time for me to watch the sun rise over the water. Yes, I caught a very early train. Can’t waste too much time sleeping – there are countries to explore! We also then rode thru the Provence countryside – I must be here at the wrong time

of year for the pretty purple colors, but it is also pretty in green!

Geneva has LOTS of stores. Stores everywhere and very expensive. I did stumble upon Lake Geneva, which is full of swans and I found their famous fountain and their more famous Floral Clock, which was a step above MoBots :). I bought a small OJ for $ 4.50SF so good thing breakfast was included in the cost of my room! And I also got very lost – which was bound to happen sooner or later, but the people in Geneva, unlike the previous country, are very friendly and always eager to help. So with the help of quite a few along my path, Irefused to give up and just jump in a taxi and I found my hotel again.


Lake Geneva


Doggie Fashion Shows



Floral Clock


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