Strausbourg, France

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A 35 minute train ride from Colmar, also in the Alsace Region, is Strausbourg. But while Colmar is small town, Stausbourg is the big city. A beautiful Old Town area surrounded by the River Ill, full of half timbered buildings and outside cafes. Also in the middle of the Old Town and built in the 1400’s is the biggest church I have ever seen, Cathedral de Stausbourg. It doesn’t begin to fit in the camera lens and , to be honest, its not the prettiest I’ve ever seen, but its famous anyway – in spite of what I think.


Given the opportunity, I am always drawn to a boat ride, and the ride I took on the River Ill went thru 2 lock and dams that were originally built in the 1600’s. The prettiest spot I saw , by far, was Petite France, where all the old craftsman’s homes sat on the banks of the river.


Then magically I walk a few blocks any direction and I am back in the year 2009, modern day France with a bizillion places to window shop. Give me a week and a bag full of money. : )


French Yorkies have tails.


Half Timbered Homes on River Ill.


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  1. hellodays
    Dec 16, 2016 @ 02:06:39

    Amazing pics.



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