A Travel Day to Regensburg, Germany

Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes, I am definitely in Germany now. Someone is drinking a beer. I am on my 2nd train, its 11:00 AM , on route to my first Germany destination, Regensburg. . It is also raining. But the grass is a beautiful bright green and the hill sides are the prettiest shades of dark greens, mixed in with the fall oranges and deep reds.


The German men look big and burly and , ohhhhh, I like that look. Much better than the squirrelly looking Frenchman. You have to understand, I’m riding on trains in 1st class and they are mostly filled with business men – so being a single woman and spending lots of time on the trains, I have plenty to look at and access .


It has been an eventful day on the trains. One my 1st train today , a young lady brought me breakfast, tray and everything , eggs, lox, bread, oj, coffee. I said no thank – ( I had already eaten). But she got rather angry , as the French do, and kept speaking irritatingly at me. Than a kind gentleman leans over to me and explains, in English, it was free with my reservation, to just take it and make her happy. So I took it and drank the oj. I probably wouldn’t eat eggs and lox if it were starving. I thanked him for the translation.


Then on my 3rd transfer and last train of the day, suddenly, out in the middle of no where it seemed, the train came to a screaching halt, and then an announcement was made. I , of course, did not understand the German announcement. But everyone was visibly upset by it. 10 minutes later and 4 more announcements, I finally asked the couple next to me if they spoke English and what had happened. Someone had jumped out in front of our train and was killed they told me. I was in the first car and it was quite a commotion. I hope nothing close to that happens again on this trip. Needless to say, my arrival into Regensburg was very delayed.


Regensburg, the little bit I saw of it tonight was beautiful. It is one of the towns that was not bombed in WW II – so its very authentic. Can’t wait to get up early and start exploring.
Tune in tomorrow for the best of Regensburg.


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