Last Day In Dresden, Germany

Monday, October 12, 2009


The motto for today was ” Get me out of the Rain!” Cold, wet, windy, nasty, chill to the bone day. Good museum day. Saw Dresden’s 1700’s Treasury Collection – lots of priceless “stuff”, including, my favorites: gems and gem-decorated stuff – to put it simply. I started to count how many diamonds were in the collection and finally gave up when the count was in the hundreds. The star of the show was the 41 karat green diamond (pear shaped) which was mounted with 411 other “smaller” diamonds. Yes, it was beautiful. Tacky? Not in the least! Would it go with anything I have to wear? No , but I could go shopping. : ) Then I walked down a few of the streets known for the ugly buildings that were built by the communists -blocky, plain, drab, and stumbled upon a shopping mall ! It was dry and warm and I had a great sandwich -salami, pickle and butter on some kind of funny bread. It still amazes me – people have their dogs with them everywhere – even in the mall. And 98% of those dogs had on rain coats. St. Louis dogs are under dressed. Tomorrow morning I am off to Berlin.


Dresden Porcelain, VERY $$$$$$


Crown Gate – Entrance of palace of the past / now museums.


Dresden still under construction from WWII


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