Arriving in Dresden, Germany

Sunday afternoon, October 11, 2009


Dresden Opera House

Arrival in Dresden. I have never seen anything like Dresden. Their Historic Old Town was bombed flat in 1945 and has been rebuilt like the original. Very impressive. Except there are also lots of ugly buildings still around that were built under the communist era. I arrived kinda late in the day for decent photos, plus the cloudy, drizzling day didn’t help. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for photo shots. I did walk around enough to get my bearings though and still had time to go thru their “Old Masters” art collection before darkness was creeping in. Tomorrow is a full day in Dresden – looking forward to a day to sleep in, no trains and sightseeing at a leisurely pace.


18th century tiles survived bombing


Catholic Church for 5% of population


Communist Mural on Building


Left over communist building


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