Berlin, Germany – A Full Day to Explore

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Busy day I had ! Saw the well knowns of course – Brandenburg Gate, Reichstagg, Checkpoint Charlie, (only the actual checkpoint building and site – the museum’s line went down the street), the Memorial to Murdered Jews (which is incredible!), the Victory Tower which is huge and Hitler had it moved from its orginial location (!), a stretch of the remaining Berlin wall which is at the area where Hitler’s Gestpo and SS had their command center. The command center was bombed of course and its been decided to always leave that area in rubble , but there are many exhibits to read. Then I went in the Jewish Memorial – I knew it would be heart wrenching but I really wanted to see the building . It was built with weird angles and windows with the purpose to disorient you. To say the least, the purpose succeded with me – I had to leave after seeing about a third of it. Also saw the TV Tower Hitler had built – ugly!), twin churchs in the beautiful square , and walked by the Hotel Aldon where Michael Jackson did his imfamous ” baby dangle”. Those were the highlights. I also found out that the hotel I’m staying in used to be the Nazi Chamber of Commerce. I thought the building was a little creepy 🙂 Then at the end of my sightseeing, I was on the bus, held up in traffic, and we had the front row seats to watching the EMTs fish some body out of the river. Tomorrow, I need something light hearted – maybe the zoo?


Brandenburg Gate


What Remains of  the Berlin Wall



Memorial to Murdered Jews


On a lighter note – Mercedes kid’s peddle car

only 189 Euro.


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