My Last Day in Berlin, Germany

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The zoo is a great way to start the day in Berlin, even if it is sleeting . My prime purpose was to see a real panda bear for at least once in my life. Berlin has 2 – although only 1 was out today. But that was enough. He was adorable!!
Very friendly also – he kept coming up to the window ( his area is enclosed with glass ) and then walking over to his food bowl – as if to say – out of all you people can’t somebody feed me? After the zoo, I hopped onto the SBahn to see more sights -a few obscure ones today – the sight where the Nazis burned 20,000 books in 1933, a funny looking little church called St. Hellwigs, and a ” ghost subway station” that was boarded up during the Cold War and not used for almost 30 years until the Wall came down. So, today it looks basically the same as it did in 1931 when it was built with the old green tile on the walls and the old signage from that time period. Then the warmth and dryness of the museums finished off the rest of my afternoon. So, Berlin comes to a happy close and tomorrow I am off to Prague. Tonight I will be cramming to learn the Czech money system. 😦


St Hellwig’s “tea cup” Church


Ghost subway station


Jeannie at the end of the day.


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