Second Full Day In Prague

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today was a day of day of churches and tram rides. I spent the best part of the day on Prague’s Castle Hill, which proudly displays several palaces, courtyards, and churches with wonderful views overlooking the colorful city of Prague and all of its orange rooftops. St Vitus Cathedral ( photo above)  was the most stunning and also is the resting place of King Wenceslas ( of the Christmas carol fame) along with many other noble men of their day. Took 500 years to completely finish this church. Also saw Loreta Church with its beautiful “Santa Casa” ( like a little chapel). Then I sought out the interesting sculpture of “Wenceslas Riding an Upside-Down Horse” to round out the day. 🙂 Lesson for the day – don’t guess which direction tram you should get on , especially if you know your sense of direction is not the best. I have a dozen excuses why, but in the end, that’s what I did- rather than look it up, I guessed which tram to get on. I was wrong. So I had a nice city tour which basically took me back to where I started and I started over – going the correct direction this time. Tomorrow is my last day in Prague. Gotta wrap up everything I haven’t seen yet – its going to be a busy day!


King Wenceslas Tomb


Golden Lane on Castle Hill


Loreta Church’s Santa Casa


Wenceslas on Horse


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