First Exciting Day In Prague

Saturday, October 17, 2009


OMG, if there was only one time you could travel abroad, I’d say you have to go to Prague. It is the city you will fall in love with. Everywhere you look are beautiful buildings, inviting squares, interesting neighborhoods, and it’s all full of history and energy. I spent the day meandering around the Old Town again, popping into a couple of old churches, made my wish on the Charles Bridge as legend says you can……, walked thru the Jewish Quarter , which wasn’t the best pick of days seeing as it was Saturday – their Sabbath and everything was closed-but I’ll go back! Then I walked by the crazy building “Dancing House”, thru one little narrow street after another just exploring and then found myself strolling along the fast moving Vltava River just soaking in the scenery. There was no rain and no wind today, (thank goodness) plus I discovered a great cure for frozen fingers ( its hard to wear gloves and shoot photos): hot mulled wine – sold just about everywhere. Warms up those hands pretty darn quick. Oh, and I might have stepped in a shop or two…….
I keep pondering what my dear friend Amy told me before I left – “just buy another suitcase to bring home the souvenirs you bought!”


Fred and Ginger


Make A Wish on the Charles Bridge


Bohemian Glass Everywhere…


Thought Provoking Street Art


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