Last Day in Vienna

Friday 23 Oct. , 2009


My last day in Vienna and I decided I’d drop in to visit the Imperial Palace. The entrance ways, front and back, were easily recognized , just in size alone, I knew it had to be what I was looking for. It wasn’t as elegant inside as I expected, but this was the Hapsburgs ” in town” digs, so maybe that had something to do with it or maybe they just didn’t have a nack for decorating. They did have ALOT of china, etc, with some unusual pieces that I enjoyed seeing. It was mentioned they could entertain up to 4500 people for dinner, so I guess you would need a bit to do that. I don’t think throwing Barbecues and eating with your fingers ever caught on with the Royalty. I also saw the Crown Jewels of the Hapsburgs.  Had to literally  enter a vault to see them.

One side note is there were recruiting stations setup all over the front lawn of the Palace today for the Austrian Armed Forces. Complete with music playing about freedom. What a thought provoking location I thought to myself. There was also a line that the soldiers were sliding down ( see photo)- I have no idea what that’s called but it was interesting and a little scary to watch.
Oh and BTW – Vienna actually had sun and blue sky for about a hour today!


Fancy way to chill your glass


Guy sliding on a line.


I think this would look nice on me.


Just a little Palace Decoration.


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