Train Travel and Self-Entertainment

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gypsies and Vagabonds

I have officially become a vagabond. But that’s the beauty of a Rail Pass in Europe. It allows it, maybe encourages it. With a Rail Pass, you don’t really have to plan, you don’t have to bother buying each individual train ticket – you just jump on the train you want (as long as your Rail Pass covers that country). So if you don’t like the city/country you are in, you get on the train and go somewhere else. So…….
Leaving Vienna this morning, for some strange reason I woke at 5:00. By 7:00 I was on the train to Budapest , Hungary arriving by 10:00. By 11:30 I was back on a train heading to Salzburg, Austria. You’ve probably heard of it – that’s where the hills are alive. 🙂 I know I probably never gave Budapest a fair shot, but sometimes this little voice inside you says, get out of this dirty city. My Mom always taught me to listen to that little voice. Plus, you know me, I don’t do dirty. It didn’t help either that my hotel room was another dump. Maybe I’m just not an Eastern Europe kinda gal. Clean up those cities, get on the Euro and then I’ll come back. Also, I’ve come to realize I have a love/hate relationship with the Euro. You think its a rip off, until you have to deal with the Czech Crowns and the Hungarian Forints and the unscrupulous people at the other end of those currencies.
So now I’m back in Western Europe with my buddy the Euro, in Salzburg. The train ride between Vienna and Salzburg was beautiful . Their grass is still a deep green and the edge of the Alps accompanied me almost the whole way.
So, today, as I sit on the train, I thought I’d share some of the crazy photos I’ve taken and the thoughts that struck me when I saw them. You know – when traveling alone – you have to be your own entertainment. Hope you enjoy .


How did that beach ball get there?


Can I see that article?


I’d hate to have that guy’s job.


False Advertising – I went in to get a Gentleman

but  they really didn’t have any.


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