Atlanta, Georgia, Worldwind Tour in Two Days

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

World wind tour of Atlanta in just 2 days, courtesy of my good friends Connie and Dane, was a wonderful time!  The World of Coke, The Aquarium and the Zoo, with the Pandas being the main attraction, was the entertainment for this trip, along with a couple of wonderful meals with my friends.  The World of Coke’s most interesting  section, in my opinion ,  is where you can taste the drinks  they sell in other countries. ALL of the Aquarium is fantastic – truly the best I have ever seen and I have seen a bunch!  The Zoo  was fun but, of course, I was there to mostly see the Pandas, which are my favorite and Atlanta is one of the 4 places in the US  you can see Pandas.  These Pandas were sleepy that day, but a sleepy Panda is better than no Panda at all!!


All was lots of fun and I might add – driving through the city, heading south, Atlanta’s city is beautiful and clean.



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