Albuquerque, New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WOW, it’s fun to be a kid again with my eyes looking up into the sky, my  mouth hanging open, and bumping into people while walking  around and scooping out all 100 Special Shapes Hot Air Balloons at the 2011 Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque.  The colors are incredible and each balloon is cuter or more clever than the next. Since its a windy day, they couldn’t actually launch, only tether on the ground and play bumper games with each other.  Afterwards, I walked around Old Town, Albuquerque.  Nice way to spend an afternoon.  But enough of my chatter – enjoy the photos!!!


Everyone has a camera today!


This turtle is reaching for a cold one.


Shots from Old Town, Albuquerque


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