A Day In Ljubljana to Explore


Monday December 5, 2011

Today was a day for walking around Ljubljana’s Old Town and City Center.  It is truly  a beautiful area, with a bustling open air market, several picturesque churches, numerous museums,  lots of shopping and places to eat , all intertwined on both sides of the Ljubljana River with 4 bridges for  easy passage to both sides  of the river.  The  Art Nouveau architecture is wonderful,  largely due to the talents of Joze Plecnik, the architect who shaped the city after an earthquake destroyed much  of it in 1895 .    I  rode the funicular to the top of  Ljubljana Castle to get a city wide view and dessert. It was a  gray day with drizzles  off and on,  but  at only 50 degrees, other than wet, the day was comfortable.   The photos will speak for themselves in spite of the weather.


Triple Bridge


The Funicular


Door on St Nicholas Church


Cooperative Bank Building


Secessionist Building


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