Salzburg’s Christmas Markets 2011


Tuesday Evening,  December 6, 2011

Christkindl Markt – that’s what the Christmas Markets are called in Salzburg, Austria.  Of course, that’s what I had to see the first night in Salzburg and I was not disappointed.  These were the best so far!  They were in the Old Town  in the  Dom Platz and surrounding area. There was plenty of wonderful foods and smells, churchs bell ringing, chestnuts roasting,  and Christmassy stalls jam packed with items to enjoy looking and  browsing through  to fire up the old Christmas spirit.  Plus there was beautiful Christmas music playing (as there should be – after all – this is where “Silent Night” was written and the home of Mozart). The lights and decorations added to the ambiance of the occasion.  After strolling (and eating) our way through the Markets, I went to dinner and it started to snow!!  HUGE snow flakes that covered everything in moments! It was amazing! Plus I should add that the whole city is decorated everywhere you look. Truly all I had hoped it would be. BTW, snow is in the forecast for our whole stay. Hurray!!!


Salzburg Cathedral


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