Munich Museums and Dinner with Corrrinnneeeyyy


Monday , December 12, 2011

Guess what street I was looking for when I came across this sign?  If you have ever seen a map of Munich, there is not one straight street  and each street changes names frequently with no rhyme or reason. So if you are looking for some place- you just kind of walk in that general direction and hope for the best.  On the flip side, that also makes for some interesting walks. 

Today was a day for museums  but also the day I met up with my  much missed adopted daughter  for dinner, Corrinneeyy.  Yes, that really is her name.  Corrinneeyy moved here to Munich from the U.S.,  so I don’t get to see her much. Tonight was a real treat to get together with her, relax and enjoy a meal,  conversation, laughs and catch up. Plus it was Corrinneeyy’s birthday!! What fun!!

Happy Birthday Again Corrinneeyy!


As for the museums, I went through the New Art Museum ( Neue Pinakothek ) and thoroughly enjoyed it and  brought  a beautiful silk scarf from the gift shop afterwards. Then I went  through the Deutsch Museum  and enjoyed the collection of sail boats, ship models and airplanes. I also walked through what seemed to be miles of mines that replicated how the mining  industry was set up and operated.  It was too realistic  for my taste and I  decided I could never be  a miner.  It’s closed in and dark. No brainer there. Now just walk even this fake one and see how you start to feel uncomfortable, irritable, mine cave- ins come to mind, so does prayer and you keep hoping  every next turn will be the end of it. Interesting? Maybe. But not what I would call fun. Once I found My way out of the mines, I got the heck out of the whole museum. Enough culture for the day.


Mother from Vito by Riedel 1848


Morning After Story Night by Dahl 1819


My Mining Buddies








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  1. Daughter Katie
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 22:58:35

    Jealous! 😦



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