Day Trip To Nurnberg, Germany


Holy Ghost Hospital

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nurnberg, Germany  is a city you have to see.   While I love to travel and love everywhere I go,  for a daytrip, especially  for strolling at this time of year, this is one of the coolest cities.   The Old Town is beautiful and has  lots of interesting buildings, a river that runs through it, bridges and tidbits that will catch your eye, including 3 miles of a wall surrounding  it that you can walk..   It is a photographer’s dream.   Now, if it would  have been a little warmer ( it was freezing),  a little less crowded, and had I more time,  I think my photos could have turned out better, but, until you can see this city with your own eyes, I’ll post for you my best and you’ll just have to take my word for it – don’t miss this city.

 BTW, this is also the same city, that the famous Nurnberg Trials  took place after WWII, but we didn’t have the time to see that side of the city this trip. 


Does this building look like it has a face?


St. Lawrence Church


The church’s choir pews. 


Ho Ho Ho, See if you can spot me at the Markets,,,,


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