Edmonds, WA, Europe, and a Puget Sound Backdrop


 April 14, 2012

Where did I see many sights of France, Ireland and Italy all in one day for free  ?

At the Rick Steves’ European Travel Festival in Edmonds, Washington.  Rick (we are on first name basis now) was in Europe but the co-authors of his guide books gave the presentations. It was wonderful – entertaining, interesting, informative and packed with fellow travel lovers.  Edmonds is a charming community about 30 minutes north of Seattle. I also enjoyed walking around town in today’s sunshine to see the  tulip and crab apple trees  blooming, plus the daffodils, tulips and lavender, to name a few.  Rick Steves’ Travel Store is a four block walk to the banks of  Puget Sound, where I vegged  afterwards to soak up the atmosphere. What beautiful country and a great day!

  I’m in Seattle and the surrounding area for  the next week for various fun  outings……  but you’ll have to tune in  to find out just what I am up to – there is so much to do here that its difficult to decide!


My first whale sighting!


Fancy roundabout in the middle of town.


Beautiful murals in Edmonds.


Rick’s travel store.


Ferries are everywhere.


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