Today’s post is like a version of  Where’s Waldo except its Where’s Jeannie?  I had the car windows down when I started my journey, turned the car heater  off and on throughout and visited a little German town without leaving the USA.  Where was I?  I took a drive into the beautiful Cascade Mountains , where there was still snow ( lots of it in places) to visit a cute little touristy town called Leavenworth.

The drive was beautiful with the huge mountains in front of me, babbling moutain streams cutting in and out  along side  the road, sometimes calm and sometimes looking like white water rafting waters, huge, huge evergreen trees and the smell of crisp fresh air.  At some places of the road the mountain would be straight up on the one side, either a mass of rock or evergreen trees and straight down on the other side, aside from the safety rail that was supposed to make you feel better. Then there were also some wierd looking trees  covered with a thick hairy green moss and with their branches reaching out, and my wild imagination, they reminded me of a large family of Mean Mr. Ginches.  : )

Leavenwoth was cute, full of shops and places to eat and  German replica buildings to photograph and pretend I was in that wonderful country of Germany. It was a great day!


Leavenworth in the mountains.


Neatly plowed snow on the sides of the road.


Mean Mr Ginch Look a Likes.


When I pulled over to rest my hands from the death like grip I had on the steering wheel, this is how tall the snow was on the side of my passenger side window, actually it was taller than the compact car I was driving.


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