Friday, August 24, 2012


Robert Indiana’s Famous Sculpture in Love Park

My sightseeing list is a mile long so I could not afford to waste any time today.  Besides  visiting Love Park, I also toured the Mint,  paid my respects to Ben Franklin’s grave where visitors leave a penny for good luck  ( “a  penny saved, is a penny earned”), saw the Besty Ross House, and walked through  the Comcast  Building Lobby to see the interesting decor of “beam walkers”        ( see photo). But the highlight of my day was enjoying the Rodin Art  Museum and the Barnes Foundation Art Museum.  The Barnes is the private collection of 800 paintings and 1700 other objects of  the now deceased Albert Barnes.  Barnes  co-developed Argyrol, an anti gonorrhea drug and subsequently, made a fortune.  My favorites were the  Impressionist and Post Impressionist paintings and Dutch  furniture and decorating items. Lots of beautiful art to see!      It was wonderful!!

Oh, I almost forgot -after going through some serious  xrays machines,  I also  went into the Federal Reserve Building  to see a display about, what else? Money!  One tidbit I retained – The US has 12 Federal Reserve Buildings. Each has a vault about  the size of a football field and on a daily average,  each contains $7 billion dollars. As I left, they did give me a bag of money – the only catch – I have to glue it back together.   : (


The Comcast Lobby


Hanging Beside Ben Franklin’s Grave


Even the Barnes Sign is Impressive.


One of Many Sculptures All Over the City.


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