One of the Love Letters

Today was a wonderful  mixed assortment of entertainment. I started the day on a Mural Arts Tour where we rode the “el” (short for elevated subway) and saw  30 ” Love Letters” that were painted on the sides of buildings. It was a story of “boy loses girl,  boy tries to win girl back, girl rides this el route to work every day”.  It was a great tour and the Love Letter Murals were wonderfully  touching and creative.

My second activity of the day was the Mutter Museum.  Orginally used as a teaching museum for doctors, now open to the public.  Incredibly interesting and disgusting at the same time. After a good dose of observing skeletons, rotten  and dissected  body parts, drawers and drawers of recovered objects that people had swallowed, shelves FULL of skulls, dozens of fetuses in jars, creepy looking medical instruments, and a dried up over-enlarged intestine that held 40 lbs of waste when the guy passed, I finally called it quits and needed fresh air.  BTW, this museum was packed so I’m not the only person who enjoys this gross stuff.

My last hurray for the day was the funky Magic Garden, which was a building/garden full of mosiacs solely created by a man that is now 73 years old.  He started it 6 years ago and its continues to grow. Truly a one of a kind, very interesting and a mixture of beautiful colors, whimsical as far as the objects he includes and groups together and fascinating, that someone has this kind of patience to create this one little piece of glass at a time.


View from the El on the Love Letter Tour.


The Mutter Museum


Mosiac on Building Next Door to Magic Garden


Mosiac in the Magic Garden

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