Benjamin Franklin

Today was the last walk through the Historic District. I still wanted too see City Tavern where George Washington frequented, then the First and Second Bank. Second Bank is now a portrait gallery of famous country men since the start of our nation. I also went in Carpenter’s Hall and the Military Museum, but mostly because it was air conditioned and free. Then I stumbled upon The National Liberty Museum which is really a hidden gem. It is dedicated to Heros. The obvious Hero of course, but it also told stories of ordinary people who stepped up to the plate in the moment of need. Along with the wonderful stories, there were many art pieces in the museum, both beautiful and thought provoking. Chihuly’s Flame of Liberty is in this museum. I spent 2 hours in the Liberty Museum, although you could easily be there much longer.

Next stop was the Rocky statue. The line to stand with Rocky for a photo was a mile long! Longer than the line I stood in for the Liberty Bell ! And, of course, each person had to do their Rocky imitation for the photo. Cheap entertainment. In case you are wondering – no, I did not pose with Rocky – I’d prefer Ben Franklin. Next on the list of entertainment was to watch these sudo-Rockys run up the steps of the Philly Museum of Art (just like Stallone did in the movie). I dutifully scanned the surrounding area for an emergency defibulator but didn’t find one. Guess the City of Brotherly Love can only love so much.

Quickly I had seen enough Rocky impersonators and entered the Philly Museum of Art. It is huge and I totally enjoyed the American Art Paintings, Glassware and Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture and the European Art Paintings. I was delighted to see one of my favorite Renoirs –  Protrait of Mademoiselle Legrand.

Today was an entertaining day. Tomorrow I drive to Lancaster County, land of the Amish.


The First Bank


The Rocky Statue


Steps of Philly Museum of Art &

Where Rocky Ran Up


Beautiful Renoir Painting in the Art Museum


Funny Mirror in the Liberty Museum


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