Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Warnings in two languages!

Last sightseeing day of the trip and we went to see the Hopewell Rocks in the town of Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick.  These sandstone rocks, that stand by themselves, are also affectionately  referred to as Flower Pot Rocks .  It is believed that the  certuries’  force of the Fundy Tides has carved these rocks into their flower pot shape from the cliff  and will continue to change them in the years to come.

The Rocks and the ocean floor  were interesting to see and the rocks  were huge!  I can’t even believe to tell you how huge they were.  The high tide that day was 40 feet at Hopewell Rocks  and low tide was 4ft. So, obviously, at high tide, you can only see the Rocks from the look out up top.  Afterwards I went into their restaurant and had a wonderful piece of pumpkin pie. Then it was  time to climb back in the car for the four hour trip back to Halifax for some last minute shopping and fly home .

Thanks for traveling with us through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick!

Hope you enjoyed it!


100 Stairs Down to Ocean Floor at Low Tide.


Click to see Rocks at High and Low Tide


Falling Rocks


My Closing  Shot at the Rocks – Mother Nature was good to me with the soft cloud and sun’s rays!  That happened just by chance – it’s not a filter, honest !     : )


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