Friday, October, 12, 2012


Jeannie (me) and the Hunky Dorey

Back home and once more reviewing my  Nova Scotia and New Brunswick photos,  I think  back and remember  strikingly beautiful  and clean  Provinces . I recall  friendly  Maritime Canadians and wonderful  Seafood Crowder.   The vast acreage of  untouched land has  more trees than I have ever seen  and a great many of them pine. It’s what you imagine an overgrown and out of control  Christmas tree farm would  look like.   While taking a walk  one day, it even smelled like  Christmas trees.

I loved all the water,  the colorful boats, the stacks of lobster cages,  the  fishing villages that look like  something in a movie set  and the Bay of Fundy’s extreme tides.  I could be content taking photos of the high and low tides and the boats that are victims to them  everyday, given the chance. The Canadian Maritimes  are a  super place to have an adventure and explore and ten days doesn’t begin to even scratch the surface.

Hope you enjoy these last photos of my Canadian trip and  let me introduce you to a few  boats I met along the way….


This  last photo doesn’t really fit in but it was too funny to

leave out.  It really is the lawyers’s name!

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