TRIP to the GROCERY STORE in Tallin, Estonia

Premium Mussels

May 24, 2019

WARNING – this posting may not be  for the faint of stomach……

A trip to the grocery store in another country is always an education.  Admittedly , I am a very finicky eater and even the sight of some foods can trigger my  sensitive gag reflex.  Add the visual of a see-thru package and now we  add future nightmares to the mix.  That being said……

just in case you need extra…..

Krill?  For your pet whale?

Cods have livers?  And people would really eat just their liver?

Baby Octopus?  If by chance you can  enlarge this photo, you may further understand the God given gag reflex and why it exits.  Just by looking in this package, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to eat this slimy  things.


Please notice the package does not even give a name to these  creatures, just visuals.  But if  you are looking for your favorite creature to eat, you can search for it in the see thru  packaging.

Last of all ,  these  are  chocolate bars and they were advertised as postcard  and/or souvenir  chocolate bars.

After googling the translation, the 1st  bar means “new times” (this is a Viking riding a motorcycle).

The 2nd bar I could find no translation but I believe the man is Stalin and the building in the middle  was built  for  Stalin

( in Riga, Latvia)  and nicknamed “the birthday cake”.

The 3rd  bar’s translation  means “middle ages”.

So I am guessing these chocolates are walking us a bit through history??  If anyone has something further to add for an explanation, please do!


Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed!!






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