Can you walk past this building and not feel like you  are being watched ?

May 25, 2019

Old churches can be fascinating places.  Of all of the churches I went into in Tallinn, the Church of the Holy Spirit was my favorite  – mostly because of its uniqueness.

First off look at these pews – I am 5’6″ and the top of the pew was level with my shoulder.  Once you sat in a pew and close the door, you were completely enclosed up to your neck.

Only a person’s head can be seen in these pews – kind of like  an iron lung.

Another oddity are these 2  buildings hanging on the wall. I am guessing they are private pews and/or confessionals? Even Google didn’t know the answer to that question.

The  original building was built in the 13th century  but  obviously  it has been added on to over the years.

But  pipe organs  were simply  beautiful.

“The fact that there is a highway to hell and only  a stairway to heaven, says a lot about  the anticipated  traffic numbers'”

(Unknown author)


Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!




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