Parting shots of Tallinn, Estonia

There are Estonian greeters at many of the  suveniir  shops.

May 25, 2019

My last day in Tallinn and I walked the Old Town one more time.  I loved the architecture.  I really loved the wall with its towers and I  found another piece of the wall I could walk.  I  especially  loved their flower stands and how beautiful it smelled.

Here are  my favorite shots of the day…..

There were craft tents in the town square daily but I chose to shot over the herds of people. : )

I found this cute little home down a quiet street.

Viru Gates, the last remaining gates into Tallinn ( the towers are standing though the actual gates are long gone.)

This is the right side of Viru gates.  I love how they built  the newer (green trimmed) building right into the 13th century wall.

My  last walk on the wall  was possible by accessing through the Hellemann Tower which thankfully,  had a much newer spiral staircase built  in the tower to get to the top.  Only  60 steps in all and that section of the wall was 1.25 miles.

It was interesting to see all the funny roof angles from the wall  as everything is built so close together.

Lastly more beautiful and fragrant  flowers…

All the flowers , as with many things in Tallinn,  were very reasonable, sometimes even cheap  Such as roses – they were

1 Euro a piece.

Bird of the day – A Great Tit!!   (That’s really her name!)  :  )

Hope  you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!

Stayed tuned – next stop is Riga, Latvia




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  1. Maureen Rauscher
    May 27, 2019 @ 09:16:06

    Great photos! I loved that trip. I felt so safe walking everywhere, and it was so “walkable.” Enjoy! Maureen



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