LANTERN FESTIVAL 2015 at Missouri Botanical Gardens


August 1, 2015

The Lantern Festival at  the Missouri Botanical Gardens ends  this August 30, 2015 so time is running out if you have  been procrastinating!   Twenty-two  beautiful  and colorfully  lit displays  crafted with  silk, wire and porcelain  are featured.  A few samplings  are:

DSCF5477     DSCF5524

The elephants  are incredible, especially when you take a moment and imagine just how many pieces of porcelain make up the display.  The close up photo ( double click on it for a  real close up ) shows off the cups , saucers, spoons, etc  crafted to create the  elephant’s bodies.

DSCF5828  DSCF5495

A path way of cherry blossoms and dandelions.


Lovable  Panda  Bears


DSCF5504     DSCF5506

Modeled  after a Stupas  Pagoda  in China, this display  is built with over 300,000 pieces of plates, bowls, spoons, tea cups, ladles and wine cups.


Lastly, my favorite,  Bird Land.

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