Regensburg, Germany , A Full Day to Explore

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009 

Beautiful city with its colorfully painted buildings. Regensburgs is called the city of towers because there are 19 old patrician mansions that built their own fancy towers plus the city built quite a few. It sits on the Danube River and also has an old ugly gothic cathedral. Although, its that river and the steeples that always help me know where I am while I’m exploring so ugly gothic cathedrals aren’t all bad. There is the Stone Bridge that was built in the 12th century where I took a lot of these photos- great views of the pastel city lining the Danube. There is also an impressive palace here that was built by 2 princes , Turn and Taxi for anyone whose in a googling mood, that started the postal service in the 18th century. Their palace is now open to the public, which I didn’t go in but I did walk the grounds which where beautiful. It was a combination botanical gardens and sculpture park and it had just started to drizzle which really made for a delightful walk. I am happy the temptation of the French pastries are gone, German food is so bad, you only eat to survive here. Although they do have way too much gelalto ……. I do miss everyone but emails and skype are a wonderful substitute! Thanks to all for keeping in touch with me!


Beautiful Pastel Regensburg


Bratwurst and ledenhosen at the oldest wurst grill in Germany.


Patrician Mansion with Tower and Walkway.


What the Heck??


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