Alex Train Ride to Dresden, Germany : )


Sunday Oct 11, 2009

Rare treat this morning – I’m in 5 seat private compartment all to myself ! And I’m on an Alex Train! So each of the seats bare the name of my son. : ) So, here I am, my stuff spread out all over the place, I’m plugged into my ipod, singing and bopping to the music. The people on this train will never see me again, who cares if they think I’m one of those crazy Americans? There’s one song you have to get up and dance to and that’s ” This is How a Heart Breaks” by Rob Thomas – ( No. Its not sappy). But I guarantee you’ll get up and dance and burn some serious calories!

OHHHH, little bit of excitement on this train too – some guy just got taken off by 2 policeman. Looked like a nice kid too – but looks can be deceiving! 🙂

Yes, trains are the way to go, some one else does all the driving, I can do whatever and surprisingly the time goes by really fast. Here comes by stop – I got gather my junk!!!

OK, I’m on my connection now. On an ICR train this time – don’t think I’ve been on one of these. Very interesting – the 1st class car is the SAME car as the train engineer’s!!!! I’m sitting right behind him ! – No kidding! The only thing that is separating us a double glass door. No high security measures here! I can watch what he does, except , of course for what his body is blocking. He has curtains he can close but they are wide open. I can see directly out the front of the train. Actually, not sure I want to see out the front of the train after what happened on the way to Regensburg.
Also he has an open book sitting on his dash – I sure hope he doesn’t intend to catch up on his reading this journey!
(Actually it looks like the train schedules book – it looks real similiar to mine.) (Thank Goodness!). But no private compartments, so no dancing this leg. ; )



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