Prague, Czech Republic Arrival Day

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 5 hour train ride to Prague was very relaxing with a good part of it was along side the Danube River, very scenic with the little towns on the river banks and the snow up in the hills.

Prague is fantastic! It is everything everyone says is it. There are not enough superlatives to describe how beautiful the city is with all of the different styles of architecture. And I haven’t even begun to see all the hot spots yet. Prague escaped WW II damage ( actually I think they had one building that was hit) so all of it is original. Plus, being the very touristy spot that it is, its also filled with shops and food, etc, etc,. My hotel is wonderful – just steps away from the Old Town and the famous St Charles Bridge. It was raining this afternoon, again, and cold and very windy – made me totally understand why the Russians wear those Dr. Zhivago hats. : ) ( Which is sold on very street corner btw). So I just spent my 1st few hours here walking around, taking  photos and trying to get acclimated. Well, that’s the start of Prague – more to come in the next 3 days……


Guess what they eat in Prague?


Astronomical Clock on Old Town Hall


Beautiful Architecture Everywhere


Riverside Enjoyment


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