HOUSE of BLACKHEADS in Riga, Latvia

May 30, 2019

The House of Blackheads was built in 1334  and was  the main meeting place for merchants. Later  a group of foreign merchants  known as the Brotherhood of the Blackheads  bought it in  1713 , thus the current name..  The Brotherhood had a great love for art and music and  house hosted many grand social events.

The Grand Hall


Many art pieces hung in the house.

The meeting room

Gallery of composers.

The building was destroyed  during World War II

The House of Blackheads  was rebuilt in 1999.

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May 29, 2019

This was my day for museums and I also went to the Bourse Art Museum  in Riga which has a  diverse variety of art to enjoy.

The building that houses Bourse was built mid-19th century and is beautiful, inside and out.

Here are some of my favorites……

close up of the previous piece


Winter Landscape by Ziemas Ainava

Fish Seller by  Zivju Tirgotaja

close ups of the “Fish Seller”

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Looking up from the bottom of  the staircase in the building where the Art Nouveau Museum is located at Alberta iela 12.

May 29, 2019

This Art  Nouveau Museum celebrates the  style that Riga is so well known for.   The museum  is located in the  former apartment  of the  building’s  architect,  Konstantins Peksens,  who lived there around 1900.    Few of the items in the apartment are original but there are true  to the time period.

Alberta iela 12, built in 1903.   Here are a few photos of what home life looked like back then.

bedroom dressers



guessing this is a tea  warmer?

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Rundale Palace

May 29, 2019

The adventure of the day was a day trip to Rundale Palace, which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Riga.  Rundale is an 18th  century mansion  built for Ernst Johann von Biron  (a Biron in Latvia) for his summer retreat..   Building started in 1736 and took  30 years and 1500 workers.  It has 138  rooms of which 40 rooms have been restored and can be toured.

Most of the  palace was ornate decorated.


Every room had a huge  beautifully  tiled ceramic heater.


This decoration was painted on the walls and the ceiling.

Interesting way to display a vase collection.

Perfume burner?

Many pieces of Meisson porcelain was  on display.

This wall decor was 3 dimensional.

My favorite was the gardens which I thoroughly enjoyed even in the rain.

Just to be perfectly clear……..



These were the stables for the palace.

A storks ‘s nest  sits a top one of  the palace’s chimney.


Bird of the day – on route to the palace I saw 2 storks sitting on top of a brick wall and one stork  flying.  What an incredible sight!  Even our bus driver, who couldn’t speak English, got excited and pointed it out to everyone!  (Pictures  from Google as I could not get my camera out fast enough.)

Also, on route, we saw field after  field of  blooming rape seed  which is used for making mustard.

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ART NOUVEAU in Riga, Latvia

May 28, 2019

Art Nouveau architecture was popular  from 1890 to 1910 and Riga is packed full of it!!!  All of it incredible!! Plus,  I am getting  better at walking and looking up at the tall buildings the longer I am here.  Only once did I walk into someone and knock them down.   Here is just a sampling of what I have seen and I continue to discover different Art Nouveau buildings everyday:

Close ups of my  favorites sections  to follow:


The rest are just sections of  Art Nouveau buildings I liked….

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Riga, Latvia – A BEAUTIFUL CITY !!

May 26, 2019

Rolled  into Riga, Latvia late yesterday afternoon by  Lux Express Bus.   Easy bus ride and  I have loved Riga since  the moment I arrived!!   Here  is a just a sampling  of the many things to see in just Old Town alone……

House of the Black Heads

One of the many town squares.

Always love the suveniris!

LOTS of Coats of Arms

Three Brothers Buildings, the oldest residential dwellings in Riga.

Powder Tower, 1650, and has…..

Russian cannonballs embedded in the walls.

Drinking is not taken lightly in this city.

Dome Cathedral

Ghosts of the past may still be lurking ……….

Beautiful buildings are  everywhere you look.

Bird of the day – a chaffinch.  Sitting on a low branch easy to see and singing his heart out. What  a beautiful sound!

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Parting shots of Tallinn, Estonia

There are Estonian greeters at many of the  suveniir  shops.

May 25, 2019

My last day in Tallinn and I walked the Old Town one more time.  I loved the architecture.  I really loved the wall with its towers and I  found another piece of the wall I could walk.  I  especially  loved their flower stands and how beautiful it smelled.

Here are  my favorite shots of the day…..

There were craft tents in the town square daily but I chose to shot over the herds of people. : )

I found this cute little home down a quiet street.

Viru Gates, the last remaining gates into Tallinn ( the towers are standing though the actual gates are long gone.)

This is the right side of Viru gates.  I love how they built  the newer (green trimmed) building right into the 13th century wall.

My  last walk on the wall  was possible by accessing through the Hellemann Tower which thankfully,  had a much newer spiral staircase built  in the tower to get to the top.  Only  60 steps in all and that section of the wall was 1.25 miles.

It was interesting to see all the funny roof angles from the wall  as everything is built so close together.

Lastly more beautiful and fragrant  flowers…

All the flowers , as with many things in Tallinn,  were very reasonable, sometimes even cheap  Such as roses – they were

1 Euro a piece.

Bird of the day – A Great Tit!!   (That’s really her name!)  :  )

Hope  you enjoyed!

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Stayed tuned – next stop is Riga, Latvia



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